In 1968, 14,360 students attended Queensland independent schools; 3.8 percent of all Queensland school students at the time. As a result of the commencement of direct Commonwealth funding for non-government schools and major legislative changes at the state level, the Association of Independent Secondary Schools of Queensland (AISSQ) was formed on 18 July 1968 at Brisbane Grammar School with 29 representatives from 27 schools.


Within months of forming, the Association hosted two science teaching workshops in north and south Brisbane and organised for UK expert, Dr Gordon Van Praagh, to run a professional learning event later that year at Church of England Grammar School. Dr Van Praagh was an important member of the Nuffield Science Teaching Project team which delivered British Council courses leading to major developments and best practice in science teaching for independent schools.


Pictured: Masters’ Common Room at Brisbane Grammar School, the site of AISSQ’s formation meeting in July 1968.

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