In 1999, the first parent survey was circulated by the Association: Why Parents Choose Independent Schools. In their survey responses, some parents expressed regret at not making the decision to send their child to an independent school sooner. ISQ’s long-running What Parents Want Survey (every four years since 2006) shows Queensland parents have consistently identified five key factors that influenced their decision to choose an independent school. These are: how well the school prepares children to fulfil their potential in later life; good discipline; encouraging a responsible attitude to school work; high quality teachers; and the school’s teaching methods and philosophy. These reasons confirm the value parents place on the holistic approach independent schools take to supporting both the academic development and overall wellbeing of their children.

That same year, Executive Director Dr John Roulston implemented a series of AISQ Dialogues throughout the state to keep member schools informed. Current leader Mr David Robertson has continued this practice with the Executive Director’s Strategic Briefings Tour undertaken each year. Mr Robertson also provides Strategic Briefing Videos periodically throughout the year to update members on important issues: school funding; regulatory changes; political advocacy; and school data.

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