In 2014, the entire fifth floor of 500 Queen Street, Brisbane was leased and transformed into a purpose-built professional learning centre which is in constant use for members. Today, ISQ offers tailored professional learning in a variety of ways including: traditional face to face; instructional videos and resources via the ISQ website; live webinars; and ISQ’s online learning management system Connect&Learn, affording members flexibility and blended learning opportunities. More than 300 events are held each year at ISQ’s Professional Learning Centre. ISQ also hosts more than 100 professional learning events in regional areas annually.


Four years ago, the Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network (QIS Parents Network) was established and has since conducted strong advocacy work on behalf of the parents of independent school children. It provides online access to a range of education and parenting advice on issues including: wellbeing; mental health; bullying; and cybersafety. QIS Parents Network also makes international and national parent engagement research available to schools to help them build productive and powerful partnerships with their parent communities.


That same year, ISQ partnered with its counterpart in Western Australia (AISWA) to commission Parent perceptions of independent schools research into the impact of independent public schools which were in operation in both states.

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