In 2017, ISQ became a Company Limited by Guarantee and became an approved certifying authority for Highly Accomplished or Lead Teachers (HALT) – the highest levels of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. The national certification process, which is overseen by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), recognises high performing teachers who positively impact student learning, enhance school-wide teaching practices and engage with their communities.


The Association made detailed submissions on the Education (Accreditation of Non-state Schools) Bill 2001 that had been developed to regulate the establishment and ongoing operations of non-state schools. For 15 years AISQ fought to protect the autonomy of independent schools, to remove restrictions that had constrained the sector’s growth and to limit unnecessary red tape. A key concern for the Association was that accreditation and funding approval were two separate processes resulting in a handful of non-state schools being approved to operate but not approved for funding. The Association advocated to governments from both sides of politics for more than a decade to amend this inequity and in 2017, ISQ’s efforts were rewarded when the Queensland Government incorporated its calls for a single approval and funding process in an update to the Act.

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